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Urdu Books:-

Books By Hazrat Moulana Allah Yar Khan (RA) :-

Book's Name
Dalael us-Salook
Tasawwuf, with clear proofs from the Quran, Sunnah, the Companions and experiences of the Aulia Karam.
Hayat un Nabi-SAW
In this book Moulana Writer has categorically proved that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is alive and that all the Fiqh´s namely Shafai, Maliki, Hanbali, and Hanafi hold this belief.
Israr Ul Harmain
In 1970 Hazrat Moulana Allah Yar Khan (RA) went for the pilgrimage of Holy Mecca. In this journey he observed many spiritual aspects Harmain.
Shikast e Ahdai Hussain RAU
Binaat e Rasool SAW
Ilm O Irfan
Lataif Aur Tazkiya e Nafs

Books by Hazrat Ameer Muhammad Akram Awan :-

Book's Name
Asrar Ul Tanzeel
Tafseer e Quran
Kanz al Talibeen
Tasawwuf, with clear guidance for Saliks in the path of Saluk.
Deeyar e Habib-SAW mai chand rooz
Hazrat Ameer Muawiya-RAU
Noor O Bashar ki Haqiqat
Lataif Aur Tazkiya e Nafs
This is an introductionary book about lataif and marakbaat.
Tareeq e Nisbat e Owaisiah
Haqiqat e Rooh
Aj kay Door mai Musalmanoon ki Zillat ki asal waja Zikr e Elahi say Mahroomi Hai


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